About US


Rocotog is acronym for "Reaching-Out to the Crying-Out Together"


The founding principle of The Rocotog Foundation is based on the fact that giving back to society is a call for any capable entity.


With Rocotog, you are not just a customer but a helping hand for those in need.





As a matter of fact 10% of annual net income of the affiliated companies is dedicated to:

Localities for business operations

Beyond localities of business operations

- Partnering with local authorities and third parties in projects conceived to enhance the living standard of the people in localities where we conduct our business.

- It is simply a platform for individuals to present projects conceived can enhance the life of people especially in underdeveloped or developing nations.


These projects will then be voted by active jtailored customers with account. Upon verification, the winning projects receive the budgeted funds and our team of experts to carry out these projects.


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